Color                 Monochrome | Color                    Monochrome
 Black, Space  N   0   Black      | Gray            N+   8   Black
 Blue          B   1   Underline  | Bright Blue     B+   9   Bright Underline
 Green         G   2   White      | Bright Green    G+  10   Bright White
 Cyan          BG  3   White      | Bright Cyan     BG+ 11   Bright White
 Red           R   4   White      | Bright Red      R+  12   Bright White
 Magenta       RB  5   White      | Bright Magenta  RB+ 13   Bright White
 Brown         GR  6   White      | Yellow          GR+ 14   Bright White
 White         W   7   White      | Bright White    W+  15   Bright White
 Black         U       Underline
 Inverse       I       Inverse video
 Black         X       Blank

  . Note

  If numbers are used and the background color is greater than 7, the
  foreground color is displayed blinking.  If letters are used and
  the high intensity attribute is applied to the background color,
  the foreground color is displayed in high intensity.
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