Overview -- Blinker Error Messages
 Link-Time Warning Messages

 1001:        ignoring invalid link script file command parameter in '<cmd>'
 1002:        duplicate input file <filename> ignored
 1003:        warning - no stack segment in .EXE file
 1004:        <filename(modulename)> : '<symbol>' duplicated in...
 1004:        DEFINE command : '<symbol>' duplicated in <filename(modulename)>
 1005:        the default overlay class '<class>' contains the word 'DATA'
 1007:        warning - program has no start address
 1011:        '<symbol>' has been aliased to two different symbols
 1017:        Blinker for CA-Clipper 5.3 does not support the command '...'
 Link-Time Fatal Messages

 1101:        terminated by user
 1102:        no input files were specified
 1103:        '......' is not a valid link script command
 1104:        unbalanced BEGINAREAs and ENDAREAs
 1105:        maximum script file nesting depth exceeded
 1106:        not enough real memory to link
 1107:        disk full writing output file
 1108:        stack overflow during linking
 1109:        unable to open file <filename>
 1110:        <file>: invalid object file or library file
 1111:        <filename(modulename)> : invalid segment definition
 1112:        <filename(modulename)>: invalid group definition
 1113:        segment <name> or its group exceeds 64kb
 1114:        <file(module)> : '<symbol>' duplicated in <file(module)>
 1114:        DEFINE command : '<symbol>' duplicated in <file(module)>
 1115:        <file(module)> : '<symbol>'unresolved external
 1116:        fixup overflow at <offset> in segment <segment> in <module>...
 1118:        too many external overlays
 1119:        no main module found
 1121:        this is not a CA-Clipper 5.3 application
 1122:        <file(module)> : compiled with Summer '87 not 5.x
 1124:        <file(module)> : first .OBJ not compiled with CA-Clipper
 1125:        <file(module)> communal '<symbol>' has an inconsistent...
 1126:        <file(module)> communal '<symbol>' has an invalid data type
 1127:        near communals segment exceeds 64kb
 1128:        <file(module)> : unrecognized .OBJ record type nnh
 1130 :       unable to create file <filename>
 1131 :       error closing file <filename>
 1132:        error deleting file <filename>
 1133:        version n.n is required to use this .LNK file
 1134:        error reading file <filename>
 1135:        error writing file <filename>
 1136:        no more XMS handles available
 1137:        no more EMS handles available
 1142:        <filename(modulename)> : <segment> already belongs to group...
 1147:        <filename(modulename)> contains incremental compilation errors
 1150:        <filename> is a demo so cannot be linked with this Blinker
 DOS Real Mode Runtime Error Messages

 1201:        unable to find overlay file <filename> in current PATH
 1202:        DOS read error in file <filename>
 1203:        file <filename> is not a valid .EXE file
 1204:        overlay file <filename> does not match the .EXE file
 1206:        maximum procedure nesting depth exceeded
 1211:        overlay manager stack overflow
 1212:        Overlay Opsize exceeded - increase Opsize
 1213:        attempt to call DEFINED routine
 1214:        error accessing EMS overlay cache
 1215:        error accessing XMS overlay cache
 1217:        overlay vector corrupted during execution