Overview -- Protected Mode Linker
 VMM Error Messages

 Loader Errors
 [5102]       could not allocate transparent seg
 [5105]       no available VM memory
 [5108]       too many spawned programs
 [5110]       VM loader error
 [5111]       VM disk error

 Startup and Runtime Messages
 [5004]       can't allocate special seg
 [5005]       can't allocate VM info
 [5010]       memory free
 [5011]       execute prog failure
 [5251]       insufficient memory
 [5253]       can't allocate VM tables
 [5254]       insufficient DOS memory
 [5255]       VM memory allocation error
 [5257]       can't create swap file: <filename>
 [5258]       not enough disk space for swapping required bytes: #bytes
 [5302]       swap out
 [5303]       incomplete swap out
 [5305]       swap in
 [5306]       incomplete swap in
 [5310]       codefile seek
 [5311]       codefile read
 [5312]       moveseg
 [5313]       moveseg 2
 [5314]       vmFree
 [5315]       user exit (swap out)
 [5316]       user exit (segment fault)
 [5317]       insufficient virtual memory
 [5318]       DOS memory error
 [5319]       not enough disk space
 [5391]       out of memory
 DOS/16M Messages

 Kernel Error Messages
 0:           "Involuntary switch to real mode"
 1:           "Insufficient memory (extended)"
 2:           "%s is not a DOS/16M executable" (filename)
 3:           "No DOS memory for transparent segment"
 4:           "Unable to make transparent segment"
 5:           Obsolete
 6:           "Insufficient memory to load program"
 7:           "Relocation tables required"
 8:           "Cannot open file %s" (filename)
 9:           Obsolete
 10:          Obsolete
 11:          Obsolete
 12:          Obsolete
 13:          Obsolete
 14:          "Premature EOF"
 15:          "Protected mode requires 80286 or superset"
 16:          "Unable to run under OS/2"
 17:          "System software is neither VCPI nor DPMI"
 18:          "Machine type requires ext memory range (SET DOS16M=)"
 20:          "Unsupported machine type %s (SET DOS16M= )" (machine_type)
 21:          "Requires DOS 3.0 or later"
 22:          Obsolete
 23:          Obsolete
 24:          Obsolete
 25:          "Unable to initialize VCPI"
 26:          "8042 timeout"
 28:          "Free memory list corrupt"
 29:          Obsolete
 31:          "Protected mode already in use in this DPMI virtual -machine"
 35:          Various exceptions
              General protection fault in <module> at <address> Exception...
              Page Fault <linear address>
              Invalid Opcode Exception 06h occurred.
              Unexpected Interrupt <interrupt number>
 38:          "HIMEM.SYS version < 2"

 CA-Clipper/Exospace Linker Error Messages
 4001:        Command line syntax error on argument <arg number> <"text">...
 4002:        Invalid library directory format (Fatal)
 4003:        Unable to process Microsoft Link command stream (Fatal)
 4004:        Don't know Microsoft Link command <name> (Serious)
 4005:        Bad small block allocation (Internal)
 4007:        Can't find default library (Serious)
 4008:        Can't find indicated file (Serious)
 4009:        <Segment(text)>: Can't find named segment (Warning)
 4010:        Unable to load library object <obj_name> (Fatal)
 4013:        Can't open indicated file. (Serious)
 4014:        Unable to process file (Serious)
 4025:        Invalid record type <nn> at file offset <0xnnnn>.  (Warning)
 4028:        Insufficient memory. Program aborted. Try GLUV. (Fatal)
 4029:        Multiple definition of <symbol> from file <name> (Symbol...
 4030:        Attempt to re-assign segment <segment_name> in group <group>...
 4032:        No specified files found to link. (Fatal)
 4034:        Not enough file handles to perform link (Fatal)
 4036:        Can't open output file (Fatal)
 4037:        No more space for library symbol tables (Fatal)
 4038:        File read error. Position: <where>, Size: <read_length> (Fatal)
 4039:        Segment <segment_name> is greater than 64KB in length (Serious)
 4040:        Stack size override less than computed stack length (Warning)
 4041:        Syntax error, command line argument <argument> (Fatal)
 4042:        Unknown file type (Fatal)
 4045:        Total: <number> unresolved symbols (Symbol definition)
 4046:        Unsupported fixup type found (Warning)
 4047:        Current and previous file versions inconsistent  (Serious)
 4049:        Invalid seg record <segname> from module -<module_name>...
 4050:        Error reading command script file (Serious)
 4052:        Unable to read <library_name>, invalid library format -(Fatal)
 4053:        Object file contains too many <class> records (Fatal)
 4054:        Too many relocation selectors (Fatal)
 4055:        Insufficient disk space. Program aborted. (Fatal)
 4056:        Abort error level exceeded (Fatal)
 4057:        Premature end of file encountered, file ignored (Serious)
 4058:        Bad memory free operation (Internal)
 4060:        Multiple starting addresses found. Address from -<module>...
 4061:        No starting address found (Serious)
 4063:        Bad symbol table vector. (Fatal)
 4067:        Out of memory. Last module processed = <modulename>. -(Serious)
 4080:        Segment <name> already assigned to group <name> (Warning)
 4081:        Segment <name> definition inconsistent with group <name>...
 4085:        FILE: <file> Line <line> Incomplete symbol type list (Serious)
 4087:        Illegal index field in fixup (Serious)
 4089:        Can't read/write relocation temp file. (Possibly insufficient...
 4090:        Can't open relocation file
 4091:        Conflicting alias of <symbol> from <file> (Symbol -definition)
 4092:        Conflicting weak linkage of <symbol> from <file> (Symbol...
              Not a DOS/16M Executable
              Extended Memory Not Available