_evalLaunch()      Call CA-Clipper code blocks from C
 _evalNew()         Initialize an EVALINFO structure for use
 _evalPutParam()    Place a parameter in an EVALINFO structure
 _evalRelease()     Release all parameter references in an EVALINFO structure
 _itemArrayGet()    Retrieve an element of an item of type array
 _itemArrayNew()    Create a new item as an array
 _itemArrayPut()    Place an item into a CA-Clipper-level array element
 _itemCopyC()       Copy a character item's value into a C buffer
 _itemFreeC()       Frees a character string allocated by the Item API
 _itemGetC()        Retrieve a character value from an item
 _itemGetDS()       Retrieve a date as a character string
 _itemGetL()        Retrieve a logical value from an item
 _itemGetND()       Retrieve numeric value as double-precision type
 _itemGetNL()       Retrieve a numeric long value from an item
 _itemNew()         Creates a NIL or empty item
 _itemParam()       Get parameter passed to an Extend routine from CA-Clipper
 _itemPutC()        Place a zero-terminated character value into an item
 _itemPutCL()       Put character value into item, ignoring null terminators
 _itemPutDS()       Place a date string into an item
 _itemPutL()        Place a logical value into an item
 _itemPutND()       Places a double-precision number into an item
 _itemPutNL()       Place a long integer into an item
 _itemRelease()     Make an item available for garbage collection
 _itemReturn()      Return an item to CA-Clipper
 _itemSize()        Determine an item's size
 _itemType()        Determine an item's type