Ignores the next line feed sent to the screen

     DSETNOLINE([<lNewLFMode>]) --> lOldLFMode


     <lNewLFMode>  Designates whether the next line feed for the screen
     is ignored (.T.) or not (.F.).  The default value (.F.) designates that
     the next line feed is not ignored.


     When called without a parameter, the function returns the current
     setting for DSETNOLINE().  If a parameter is passed, it returns the
     previous setting.


     DSETNOLINE() can be used in conjunction with a LIST command when you
     have empty lines you want overwritten by the next line (see example).
     You can also suppress a line feed issued by CA-Clipper before each LIST.
     This makes it possible to begin LIST output on line 0.


     When you use DSETNOLINE(), records with the Art_nr field empty are
     written to the screen but are overwritten by the next record where
     Art_nr is present:

     LIST Art_nr, Art_bez, DSETNOLINE(EMPTY(Art_nr))