Uses the current screen mode as a function name

     GETMODE() --> cFunctionName


     GETMODE() returns a character string that represents the active mode.
     The character string corresponds to the CA-Clipper Tools function call
     used to switch to that mode.


     This function substitutes for a difficult to understand numeric code for
     the return value of a function.  This character string corresponds to
     the function call used to switch to the current mode.  The returned
     value can be held in a variable, and this function can be called later
     using the compile and run operator.


     Important!  You must declare all function calls for setting a mode
     which could occur as a return value from this function as EXTERNAL.


     Notice the mode and reset it later:

     cVar := GETMODE()                 // Save current mode
     ? cVar                            // For example "CGA80(.T.)"

     CGA40(.T.)                        // Select other mode

     ? &(cVar)                         // Reset old mode.

 To download this example - click here.

See Also: CGA40() CGA80() MONOCHROME() EGA43() VGA50()