Extends the CA-Clipper MAXROW() function

     MAXROW([<lMode>]) --> nMaxRow


     <lMode>  Designates the highest row nmber for the selected window or
     for the entire screen.  When .F. is passed, or when no parameter is
     specified, the function returns the highest row number of the selected
     window.  When .T. is passed, it returns the highest row number for the
     entire screen.  The default value (.F.) returns the highest row number
     for the selected window.


     MAXROW() returns the highest row number available within a window or
     within the physical screen.


     MAXROW() is also a CA-Clipper function.  Without parameters, or when you
     specify .F., MAXROW() always returns a value for the selected window.
     In the absence of CA-Clipper Tools, this value is always Window 0, which
     is exactly the same size as the entire screen.  However, if the extended
     driver CTUS.LIB and the CA-Clipper Tools window functions are
     implemented, this value can change.  If you want the highest row for the
     entire screen, regardless of the window selected, you can pass .T.  for
     the optional <lMode> parameter.


       The explanation of this function was taken from the Video
        Functions chapter and placed in the Extended Driver chapter. Now all
        CA-Clipper Tools functions that replace and/or extend CA-Clipper
        functions when CTUS.LIB is linked in are in the same chapter.  The
        extensions to the CA-Clipper versions of these functions are only of
        interest when used in conjunction with the other extended driver
        functions and their accompanying windows.


     Display the highest row number:

     WOPEN(10, 10, 20, 70)         // Open a window
     ? MAXROW()                    // Relates to a window
     ? MAXROW(.T.)                 // Back to the physical screen

 To download this example - click here.

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