Returns the error code for the last printer output

     PRINTERROR() --> nError


     PRINTERROR() returns the code for the last error that occurred in a
     print output.  The following table provides an overview of all the error
     codes and their meanings:

     Table 2-3: Print Output Error Coding
     Code    Definition
     0       No error occurred
     5       Access denied
     6       Invalid Handle
     127     Canceled by Ctrl-Break


     PRINTERROR() allows you to determine why the last print output failed.
     This function gives you the ability to determine the source of the error
     from within the CA-Clipper error system and react accordingly.  To
     identify an abort command that used Ctrl-Break, CA-Clipper Tools returns
     a value of 127.


       PRINTERROR() only returns an error code for print errors that
        occur during a CA-Clipper printing operation.


     React to an error during a print operation:

     nStatus  :=  PRINTERROR()

     IF nStatus = 127
     ? "Print operation aborted by user!"

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