Establishes a new video mode

     SETSCRMODE(<nModeNumber>) --> lStatus


     <nModeNumber>  Designates the number of the selected mode that
     corresponds to the designation in the table below.


     The function returns .T. when the selected mode is installed.


     SETSCRMODE() supports every video mode that the current screen adapter
     supports.  However, non standard mode settings under the CA-Clipper and
     CA-Clipper Tools combination are not a good idea.  For example, this
     applies to all graphic modes where CA-Clipper or CA-Clipper Tools cannot
     work.  The following modes are anticipated within the CA-Clipper Tools:

     Table 2-4: Modes and Their Coding
     Mode                Mode Number
     CGA40 Monochrome    0
     CGA40 Color         1
     CGA80 Monochrome    2
     CGA80 Color         3
     Monochrome          7
     EGA43 (EGA only)    299 (43+256)
     VGA28 (VGA only)    284 (28+256)
     VGA50 (VGA only)    306 (50+256)


     Important!  We cannot guarantee that you won't have problems if you
     use any special mode and screen adapter together with Clipper and
     CA-Clipper Tools.

       This function cannot be implemented when windows are open.


       Implement the EGA43-line mode:


       Save the current screen mode:

        nOldMode := GETSCRMODE()

       Reinstall the current screen mode later:


 To download this example - click here.

See Also: GETSCRMODE() GETMODE() Introduction